Aspire Support Learn


ASL was established in February 2017, I felt there was a lack of opportunity and choice in Harlow for young adults with learning and physical disabilities in a day care setting and employment opportunities.


So in the summer of 2016 I held a summer club along with my friend Andy to gage interest and to see if this service was needed and it was proven in the first week it was, so we officially opened in February 2017. We started off with two clients attending over a 2/3 day period however it wasn’t long before we had more young adults joining ASL on a more permanent basis so we moved from the temporary accommodation we were in to David Livingstone Church where we were able to open 5 days a week, to date we have 18 young adults attending our service.


We run a day service which also includes an inclusive drama group and ASL also has a Tea Room which is open to the public offering work based training and a pathway to paid employment.


There is also a huge social aspect to ASL outside of our opening times, we have created an extended family to all those who attend and it has changed lots of people’s lives in so many ways. There is so much happiness and a feeling of belonging in the local community and I intend to increase our services to more young adults and carry on making the difference.


Michelle Tohill

Founder & CEO

ASL Aspire Support Learn CIC