Summer Ball


We will have more information on our Summer ball soon, please check back.

Past Events



In May we submitted a proposal to Harlow Soup which is a community crowd funding organisation based in Harlow. Our proposal was chosen and were invited to come along and pitch what we do and what we need the funds for along with three other organisations and charities in Harlow.

We stood up in front of around 100 diners and told them what we do at ASL, how ASL was founded and how long we have been going. We then went on to tell them what we needed the money for. We told them about our move and how we needed new equipment for the move and as of immediate affect a fridge/freezer as our one was second hand and didn’t work properly.
Once everyone’s vote was in and counted it was announced ASL had won and we took home £550.21.

We also had WPA Kings Plumbers in Harlow donate an additional £150.00 so we managed to buy a fridge/freezer and a new cooker.

It was not only a great night for us financially but more so the awareness of everyone getting to know what ASL is all about and we have had lots of visitors to our Tea Room from that night.