The Tea Room

A Tea Room with a difference


At present our Tea Room is open Monday, Tuesday and Fridays 12pm to 2:30pm. The young adults who attend ASL arrive at 9.30am and prepare all the food fresh with support for the day ahead. This includes freshly baked cakes and scones, a savoury dish such as quiche and a soup of the day. Their day finishes at 3.30pm after we have all tidied up and had our staff lunch together.


We offer work based training in the kitchen and the dining room to young adults with physical and learning disabilities. Most of the young adults who work in our Tea Room have Down Syndrome however we cater to all young adults with a fast range of additional needs.


We do prefer customers to book a table in our Tea Room because it is very important to keep a controlled and manageable environment for the young adults who attend ASL.


Any tips received in our Tea Room go towards organising fun and social activities for all of the young adults to enjoy, we have a team meeting and a vote is set to where everyone would like to go and how the money is spent. So far we have been for pub dinners, cinema, bowling, pizza hut and a boat trip. This is not only a wonderful way to allow everyone to see where their well earned tips have been spent but it also encourages great friendships and creates a huge social aspect for everyone who attends ASL.